A bat in the basement

Generation(s) Gap I was on a mission to get something from the basement when my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of movement, dark silent movement. A bat swooped soundlessly, making figure 8’s. Aack!!! My mission forgotten, I scrambled back upstairs for a towel. “Really, Mom!” scoffed Nathan, when I retold … Continue reading

Boots and Balance

“Your weather,” said our Mexican waiter, trying to make conversation, “so strange.” Up came his hands. “Snow!” Down went his hands. “Sunshine!” Up with his hands, “Rain and snow!” He shook his head, “Sunshine?” And he didn’t mention the worst of it … MUD. We have been slithering in mud … Continue reading


Here’s my question …. Why? Why when something goes wrong on the farm, of which I have no control, am I so ashamed? Hurt, I can understand. Frustration. Absolutely. Sadness. Sorrow. Anger. Helplessness. I understand all those feelings. But shame? I do not understand. Hail is probably the most ‘shameful’. … Continue reading

Muy Calente

Henry and I enjoy a local Mexican restaurant. We (Henry) is not an extremely adventuresome eater so we order something safe, fajitas. We always order the same. And we share the huge meal. Pollo Faliz; Happy Chicken. Our favorite waiter knows us. He nods and smiles as we come through … Continue reading