A bat in the basement

Generation(s) Gap

I was on a mission to get something from the basement when my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of movement, dark silent movement. A bat swooped soundlessly, making figure 8’s.


My mission forgotten, I scrambled back upstairs for a towel.

Really, Mom!” scoffed Nathan, when I retold my bat story. “Bats don’t crash into trees; why would they hit you? They are better flyers than most birds.”

I wasn’t worried he would hit me but I’ve heard stories of bats getting tangled in hair. And I wanted to watch him fly!”

I opened a basement window, hoping the air current would provide a clue for a way of escape.

The bat disappeared for several days and then retuned. This time he landed on the concrete wall. I watched as he clung to the wall and wiggled himself to the side, hiding under the water filters.

And then he was gone again.

Noah and Aiden were fascinated that there was a bat in the basement. “Can we see him?”

We want to see that bat!”

What does a bat look like?”

There is probably a picture in the encyclopedia,” I said as I made lunch. “Get the encyclopedia with a B on the back.”

Where is the encyclopedia, Grandma?” Noah asked.

In the bookcase. The red books. Get the one with a B on it.”

Grandma … I can’t find The Bookcase.”

Well, this broke my focus on lunch. “The bookcase by the stairsteps….”

And I turned around …

To find ….

Noah sitting in front of my computer, his hand on the mouse, totally bewildered.