Our Cow is Missing!

Harvesting day gets a little crazy.  Jill says she prepares herself already when she wakes up in the morning, “Here we go!”

We start early.  6:30.  Hair tied into ponytails, covered with hair nets and hats.  Rubber gloves.  Buckets.  Knives.  Pruners.  Wagons.  Digging forks.

Everyone gets an assignment.  Girls pick spinach.  Boys dig carrots.  Ryan pulls radishes.  I cut lettuce.  Courtney fills sinks with water and starts washing beets, which Alissa has already pulled as soon as there was enough sunlight to see.  Everyone hustles.  Alissa spins the fastest, keeping everything flowing through the sinks, banding, bunching, bagging, and into the cooler.

Aiden’s babysitter leaves at noon.  Aiden comes outside to find a place in the whirl of feet, bodies, and veggies.  He’s just a little boy!  And the baby walker is very boring.  Finally Mommy puts him on the floor.

Baby toys are also very boring; they all taste like plastic!  Aiden learns by tasting and the shed floor is very educational.  Beet leaves and stems.  Dirt balls.  Water puddles.  Aiden is having a good time!  He crawls/wiggles closer and closer to the shed door.

“Remember Aiden is on the floor.  Please don’t step on him!”           

Aiden starts to crawl out the door to explore even further.  Suddenly….swoosh!  Someone pulls the plug to their sink; the cold water hits the concrete and flashes around Aiden.  Aiden screeches!!!!

Mommy strips him down, washes him in a sink of warm water, and takes him inside for a drink and a nap.  Work continues.

Mommy returns to the shed.  Suddenly she lets out a whoop and triumphantly holds up a black and white toy cow.  “Where did this come from?”

“I don’t know,” says Jill.  “It fell out of the washing sacks when I went to spin the lettuce.”

The rest of the cow story ….. ??

Last week harvest day was too chilly to have Aiden on the floor.  He was sitting on the counter while Mommy weighed and bagged lettuce.  At lunch, Mommy said, “I think maybe Aiden’s black and white cow ended up in a bag of spinach.  He was playing with it on the counter while I was bagging spinach and later …. the cow was gone.  I looked everywhere but never found that cow.”

Henry became concerned, “You girls must go through all the Hy-Vee orders and check the spinach bags for that cow.  I’m not having a cow end up in a bag of spinach at Hy-Vee!!!!”

Well … the day rolled on, crazy and head spinning as possible and we never went back for that cow.

10:30 pm.
Henry’s in bed; I’m at the computer working on a newsletter.  The farm is quiet.  Suddenly the case of the missing cow flashes through Henry’s mind.  “Did you go through Hy-Vee’s order and find that cow?”


Henry gets up, puts on his Crocs, and returns to the shed.  All the orders are pulled out of the cooler.  Henry goes through all the Hy-Vee crates and all the spinach bags.  No cow.  Puzzling.   Mmmmmm…..

Until now …. (drumroll please) ….  We have solved the Case of the Missing Cow!!!!

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