Falls Park Farmers Market is open!  The first day of the season was beautiful and sunny.  And tomorrow looks like it’s going to be beautiful and sunny, too.

Seedtime’s famous lettuce is starting to produce.  We seed and transplant every week, all spring and summer, to bring you the tastiest, freshest lettuce in the city.
Springtime spinach is so delectable.
And hoop house radishes are almost sweet (never hot).
Our Micro Herbs and Greens are SO popular.
And our asparagus?  Ooolala! It’s what spring is all about!
Plus we have tender, tender kale and lush chives.FLOWERS!!!!  Alissa is bringing bouquets with lilacs, tulips, iris, apple blossoms, and alliums.  The fragrance!  Absolutely yummy!!!!

Is it time to plant your pots and gardens?  Absolutely!

Our last average frost date is May 15.  With a warmer (and dryer) spring than normal, it is now safe to put out your tomato and pepper plants.  Dig those pots out of your garage, fill them with fresh potting soil, and come choose a few plants for delicious sun-ripened tomatoes and peppers in summer.  Seedtime has lots of hybrid and heirloom tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, 3 mints, 5 basils, sage, dill, cilantro, and other herbs.

Every winter, we search the latest seed catalogs for something new, yet old, in the tomato world.  This year’s big find was Heirloom Marriage tomatoes.  Using traditional breeding rather than genetic modification, breeders crossed two heirloom tomatoes to introduce a new hybrid.

Jersey Boy is a cross between Brandywine and Rutgers.
Big Brandy comes from Big Dwarf and Brandywine.
Genuwine is the offspring of Costoluto Genovese and Brandywine.

While we could purchase these new seeds from Ball Seed in quantity for a relatively reasonable price, there were licensing hoops that needed to be jumped through, branded pots that needed to be purchased, benchcards that needed printing and on and on.  The season for seeding tomato seeds was fast approaching so we scurried back to the home gardening catalogs and found Genuwine and Big Brandy at Totally Tomatoes and Jersey Boy at Burpee, for more money, of course, but we just had to grow them.

“A cross of two heirlooms, these tomatoes deliver on garden performance, looks and taste. If you love the rich flavor of heirloom tomatoes but haven’t had much success in growing them, then this series is for you. Developed to give gardeners the ‘best of both worlds’, you’ll benefit from increased yields, earlier maturity and fewer blemishes yet still be able to enjoy fantastic heirloom flavor.”  Jung Seed.

If you’ve ever grown the most famous tomato in the world, Brandywine, you know how frustrating some heirlooms can be, Brandywine in particular.  The most wonderful flavor ever, with the largest rambling plant ever, and the most disappointing harvest ever.  We’ve had Brandywine go up the trellis, down the trellis, out the side of the greenhouse, and ??? …. give us all of five tomatoes.

We only grew a tray of each Heirloom Marriage tomato, so please, hurry to Falls Park Farmers Market and claim yours.

A sunny 71 degrees tomorrow with low winds.  You know you want to be OUTSIDE!!!

Harriet @ Seedtime & Harvest
Cell:  605-366-1056

Alissa & Nathan Van Zweden, Alissa’s Flowers

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Lilacs with tulips, iris, apple blossoms, and allium.

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