These two days after Christmas are my favorite days of winter.  So relaxed.  Nothing absolutely needs doing.  The house is ‘relatively’ clean.  We’ve had the grandkids; Willem and Sarsih for five days, Heather and Leah overnight and for a day, and Noah two nights and a day, plus.  Aiden is in the only-mommy stage.  The house has been full with all our kids, parents, sister and hubby, lots of good food, lots of laughter and fun.

We all know spring is coming and with it, full time busyness.

In first grade, Willem had to write sentences as to why he liked fall.  “I like fall because…..”

“I like fall because the leaves are pretty.”
“I like fall because we go pick apples.”
“I like fall because we carve pumpkins.”
“I like fall because Grandma is done working in the garden.”

When Mommy showed Willem’s paper to Grandma, she said, “I didn’t mean to make you cry!”

Between Willem’s summer camps and Baby Aiden’s birth in the middle of August, there was no opportunity for Willem to come to the farm. Sarsih spent a couple weeks on the farm, but not Willem. “Grandma is too busy,” Mommy explained.  “Grandma needs to work in the garden; Grandma needs to go to Farmers Market.”

Instead, Willem and Sarsih have come to the farm every opportunity this fall and winter.  The farm is not as much fun in the winter, especially with no snow.  Grandpa bought a small four-wheeler for Willem to ride.  So small, in fact, that Grandpa cannot get it to run.  Instead Grandpa and Grandma bought potholder weaving looms and Spiro-graph kits.  Grandma cleaned up the basement and moved all her boxes of seeds off the Foos ball and air hockey table.  Willem and Sarsih had fun on the farm, anyway.

So yes, I’m relaxing these two days while my eye looks around … What shall I tackle on Monday?  Tuesday?  Willem and Sarsih’s baby brother is due to arrive on Tuesday; they will again be on the farm several days.  Heather, Leah, and Noah must come and play, too.

Hugs.  Kisses.  Reading books.  Baths.  Prayers.  Bedtime.  Reliving being a young mommy with little kids.  Life is good.

And then it’s January!  Time to start planning the garden, ordering seeds and other supplies.  Yikes!

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