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 October 17, 2014This is Market Number 2!  Only two markets until May.
Sadness?  Joy?

Although, down to the wire, with two markets remaining, Alissa’s flowers are as beautiful as ever.

Ornament peppers …. Hot!  Hot!  Hot! 

Dahlias … Beautiful soft fall colors.  

Ornamental Kale with burgundy cockscomb.    Luscious and beautiful!!!!

We’ll have wonderful fall lettuces, arugula, kales and chard.  A wide array of carrots and cauliflowers in colors.  Freshest broccoli.  Lovely leeks.  A few slicing tomatoes and a couple boxes of canning tomatoes.  Lillie is picking the pink and green tomatoes into boxes.  Do you like Fried Green Tomatoes?

Winter squash will warm your tummy now and into the future.  Potatoes in purple, red, white, and bulk.  The best, easiest peeling shallots ever.

Buy extra for November and December!!!!

Noah, as you recall, loves purple potatoes.  
You also recall that Thursday if flower day.

Alissa and I were deep into bouquet making but finally agreed it was time for lunch.  I took a handful of Magic Mollies and equal amount of baby sweet potatoes to the house, rinsed them, cut them, put them in a steamer pan and went back to the shed for another half hour (or so) of flower design.

About 1:30, Noah insisted he needed lunch.

A burning smell met us at the door.  The steamer pan had run out of water and will need a sizable amount of elbow grease before being usable again.

I quickly rushed the burnt and burning pan outside to cool and to stop contaminating the air.

We couldn’t taste burnt in our potatoes but the burnt order wafted into the air each time we lifted the lid for another serving.

First Noah had to look at his book, Mr. Pine’s Mixed Up Signs.  Then he said, “I’m full.”  Alissa managed to convince him to swallow several bites of cold potatoes, butter, and burger.   The reward:  He was going to spend the rest of the afternoon with Grandpa in Grandpa’s office and Grandpa has popcorn and peanut butter, both which are also Noah’s favorites.

Grandpa tells the story, “I’m busy on the phone and Noah decided to tell me that he ate his potatoes and burger.”

“Grandpa!  I ate all my purple potatoes and all my hambudur.  Now I think that I need some popcorn!”

Grandpa signed, “Wait!  Grandpa’s on the phone and busy.”

But Noah insisted on popcorn NOW.  He has heard “I’ll be there in a minute, Mommy has to finish this bouquet, Grandma will help you in a minute, We will have lunch as soon as Aiden wakes up” all summer.

“Grandpa!  I need popcorn NOW!!”
Grab a warm jacket, a pair of gloves, maybe a headband, and join us Saturday morning for the best food and flowers, grown locally, without toxins, just for you.

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