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 October 10, 2014

This is Market Number 3!  Our tables will be full!

As much as we love growing and working outside, about this time of year we start to yearn for the house, cleaning, reading, washing windows, catching up, inhaling, refreshing, lying in bed for a few more minutes.  And the grand-kids.  We see Noah and Aiden everyday but miss Heather, Leah, Willem and Sarsih.

November will be finishing up on the farm, vacation, and preparing for Thanksgiving.  December goes quickly with family and Christmas.  Seed catalogs begin to arrive and onion seed must be ordered and shipped to Florida for our organic grower to start the onion plants.

January is serious planning and seed ordering.

February …. Now we are down to the wire and must finish all the cleaning, organizing, tackling of last summer’s piles.  Big totes of organic potting soil are shoved into the reefer along with a little heater.  It takes time to thaw a 4’ x 4’ x 4’ block of frozen dirt.

March 1 …. The greenhouse furnace is turned on, mice are baited, flats filled with soil, and little seeds hit the dirt.

And the race is on!

But for now, while it is still October, Alissa and I are harvesting…….

Cauliflower in colors …

Prettiest peppers …

Nutritious kale …

Tomatoes ….

A few canning boxes ….

Rainbow carrots …

Sunflower Dahlia bunches …..

Safe and delicious …..

Just for Mom …..

Grab a warm jacket, a pair of gloves, maybe a headband, and join us Saturday morning for the best food and flowers, grown locally, without toxins, just for you.Harriet @ Seedtime
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