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September 26, 2014“Time flies when you are having fun” should read “time flies when you are crazy busy”.

Every week, we almost have whiplash checking out where the week went.


“What?  A week is gone?  Again?  Where?  How?”

And we have had help.

Lillie, an intern, works mornings.

Ryan, and Kayla work two hours after school.

Daughter Debbie comes on Thursdays with little Heather and Littler Leah to make flower bouquets.

Oma, Noah’s other grandma, comes on Thursdays to babysit the little babies and Heather and Noah.  (But not this week.)  Babies Leah and Aiden shared the swing and the crib, napping, eating, napping.

Heather and Noah played nicely, argued and cried, drove the Gator and tractor all around the farm, argued and cried, bounced together in the trampoline, argued and cried, looked at books, argued and cried, played for hours in the sandbox, argued and cried.  Whew!  Their mamas must be tired at the end of the day!

And so the weeks fly by with Alissa and I hanging on by shear will.

Most of the winter squash is in, except Butternut.  The vines are slowly dying as Butternut turns a deeper gold, losing its greenish streaks.

One row of sweet potatoes is up; one row is still bulking up.  Maybe next week we can work on digging row number two.

I really struggle with sending out young squashes and sweet potatoes.  They both need time to cure and sweeten, time to become prime eating.

Spaghetti, Delicata, and Acorn can be eaten almost immediately, whereas Buttercup, Sunshine, and Orange Summer need a couple of weeks.  Butternut is prime in time for Thanksgiving.  So … save some of your squashes.  Don’t be in a hurry to eat them.

Our focus was on smallish squashes this year.  Small enough to be eaten in one or two meals.  We chose a smaller Spaghetti, a smaller Butternut, while Acorn and Jester are already one-meal size.

What’s the difference between Acorn and Jester, other than skin’s color and design?  Baked side-by-side, Jester is drier, smoother, tastier, sweeter.  Acorn’s flesh did simply fall out of the shell into the bowl.  Easy!

Orange Summer is also drier, smoother, tastier, and sweeter than Sunshine … And that is saying something!  Because we LOVE Sunshine.

Tomatoes are finished.  Only a few red slicers coming out of the hoop house and even fewer heirlooms.  One more week and Ryan can start pulling out the dying plants.

We thought we had enough lettuce planted to take us all the way through October.  But it’s not happening.  The New Zealand is happy with this heat and we have managed to find a little arugula growing with abandon between carrots, dill, and weeds.  (Weeds go crazy this time of year.)

The cauliflower and broccoli are pumping out lots of heads.  This is the crop that Alissa seeded in panic after the June 16 hail storm.  Not knowing how the fields would recover, she planted anything thing that would make a crop before a hard frost.  We are reaping her panic.  Beautiful!  Delicious!!! Smart girl.

Noah loves our purple potatoes.  Boiled with butter, or fried in olive oil, Noah loves potatoes and purple is his fave.  Magic Molly delivers with purple skin and purple flesh.  It would be great fun to mash a mess of purple Mollies.

Eat hardy!  And healthy!!!!

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