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Tuesday, July 15:  I’ve been kind of riding a rant all day.  (Not about the crew; they’ve been great!)  Henry heard portions of my thoughts (again) this morning while eating his farm eggs and toast.  Alissa listened for a few minutes when she and Noah arrived at the farm.  Sam heard snippets while riding the transplanter with me, pushing cauliflower plants into the ground for fall harvests.  Our muscle stretching therapist patiently listened while striving to keep this aging body feeling young.
But I hate all things negative.  I hate negative so much that I can no longer remember what I thought I had to rant about this morning.  (I could ask Henry, Alissa, or Sam and see if they were actually listening. J)

So instead, let’s rave ….

We feel like we are struggling to recover from the hail storm on June 16 but looking backward in time, to the 2013 price sheet, we are only missing cabbage, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and tomatoes.  Kohlrabi have no way to recover once they take a direct hit.  The first planting of cabbage has been harvested and eaten (it was good!!!) and the Savoy and second planting of coneheads is almost ready.

Swiss chard … I forgot to plant.  It’s up now and growing quickly.

Tomatoes?  We are amazed at the way the tomato plants in the field are recovering.  The girls remarked that they were almost crispy when they first trellised them.  I have been feeding them a few extra minerals, calcium, etc., and an organic carbon/oxygen product.  The crispy is now brown and really crispy but the plants are shooting up new healthy growth.  The tomato patch ‘feels’ vibrant and alive.  New blossoms appear every day.  The only ‘medicine’ we have used is one spray of organic copper.

The girls need ladders to continue trellising the hoop house tomatoes.  Fruit is hanging, some in clusters, some large and green.  I’m Florida weaving the row of Black Sea Man tomatoes and have reached the tops of the steel posts.  Dolan searched if we had any taller posts but all the TALL posts have been used in the bean and cucumber trellising.

The girls picked buckets of green beans!  How’s that for positive?  And cucumbers are starting.  Alissa says we will have a few slicers this week and many more next week.  “They are beautiful!!!”

The pickling cucumbers and squash vines are loaded with flowers.  (Please talk to us about your pickling needs.)

I think we are going to have a huge harvest!  We will need you, your family, all your friends and relatives, and your best eating ability to put these wonderfully fresh and truly nutrient dense, biodynamic vegetables to the best use possible.

And the most exciting?

Hy-Vee, South Minnesota Avenue, called and asked Seedtime to provide fresh vegetables for their Homegrown department.  On Saturdays they plan to set up an outdoor stand (and cash register) with a selection of Seedtime’s best, local melons, etc.  Additional (cool) Seedtime vegetables are next to the Short Cuts section in the produce department.  So if you have a hankering for Seedtime midweek, midnight, or any other time of the week than Farmers Market, you now have an option.

Hy-Vee’s produce people hear customers asking for local, organic, chemical free veggies.  Please support this ‘Better Food’ movement inside the belly of a large corporation.

Henry and I visited with several of their produce folks and also spent some time with the floral manager.  Flower-lover-lady was excited to hear of a local floral option and plans to visit Market on Saturday to look at Alissa’s flowers.

Henry and I spent an interesting hour with several Hy-Vee managers.  Sometimes we small folk view a large corporation as a boogey man but it was very fascinating to peek inside their heads, listen to their thoughts, trying to comprehend all the organization and logistics behind such a large store.  Hy-Vee’s corporate office allows each store’s people a certain amount of creativity and expression.  Each store is different, based on the area of the city it is in.  They are not totally boxed in.

We will continue to list veggies ordered by each store at the bottom of the newsletter.

Please come to Market tomorrow regardless of rain or sunshine.  We work all week providing veggies and flowers for your body and soul.

Purchase a CSA https://seedtimeandharvest.net/consumer-supported-agriculture/

Henry & Harriet Kattenberg, Seedtime & Harvest
Cell:  605-366-1056

Alissa & Nathan Van Zweden, Alissa’s Flowers
E-mail:  nateandalissa@hotmail.com

Falls Park Farmers Market, Sioux Falls:
May 3 to October 25
Saturdays 8 am-1 pm

What we are bringing to Falls Park Farmers Mkt:

– Micro Herbs & Greens
– Pea Shoots
– Mixed Baby Lettuce
– Head lettuce in red & green
– Beets
– Carrots
– Slicing cucumbers
– Mini cucumbers
– Kale
– Green onions
– Fennel
– Broccoli
– New Zealand spinach
– Green beans
– Cabbage
– Fresh white onions
– Tomatoes


Flowers coming to Mkt:


Herbs coming to Mkt:


Available at:

New location: 18th & Minnesota
South Minnesota Avenue

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