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July 25, 2014
The most magical time to write this newsletter is after arriving home from early Friday morning deliveries.  Henry does the driving to and from Sioux Falls and I do the cat napping.  When we arrive home, it is still dark, the house is quiet, and the crew is scheduled to arrive at eight.  A perfect time to sit at the computer and dawdle.The last few weeks (no newsletter on July 4 or 11) bed seems to call.  The coat comes off, the potty is visited, and then there is a rush upstairs and a hop into bed and a snuggle under the covers, next to Henry.  Deep sleep ensues.  So deep in fact, that last week, two farm crew guys showed up at 6:30 (my lack of communication) and finding no one around, returned home, bewildered.  The crew and I have since etched it in stone, “We start at 8:00 on Fridays.”Our crew prefers to start at 6:30.  They rise at five, make their lunches (except the guys’ mothers make theirs) and are here and ready to face the day with Alissa and I at 6:30.  Good crew, this year.  Always prompt. Hard workers.

Mornings when the dew is heavy and we need to work with tomatoes, beans and cucumbers, 8:00 is the start time.  This gives us more hours of dry foliage time.  Touching damp foliage would spread disease quickly in these three crops.

When delivering to Hy-Vee S. Minnesota this morning, we noticed that Seedtime had only one bag of pea shoots and one bag of baby leaf lettuce remaining.  Way to go!!!  As Seedtime’s inventory was depleted, other produce moved in to the fill the space.  A marketing tip:  Keep your display full at all times.

Thanks for eating Seedtime.  Your purchases, either at one of ‘our’ specialty stores, the Falls Park Farmers Market or Hy-Vee keeps this little tiny ‘farm’ alive, our crew paid, and delicious, nutritious, biodynamic, clean (no chemicals), local food available and on your plates.

We thank each and every one of you.  Now I’m feeling so sentimental, that I can even appreciate being tired.  And we have not reached TIRED ….Next Tuesday is Sam’s last day and this highly efficient crew begins to leave the farm and go back to school; our guy members will help after school and on Saturdays.  AND Alissa and Nathan’s baby is looking forward to joining us in person.  So all in all, with what we have planted, it should prove to be an interesting (and exhausting) August and September (and October)!  But when beautiful crops are rolling in, exhaustion is a good thing.  Except when it comes to writing newsletters.

One quick story:
A lady came scurrying into our stall last Saturday.  “Oh! I found you at last!”

And she proceeded to tell me, “I bought a fennel bulb at Cleavers.  It was SO delicious!!!  I’ve never had fennel taste like anything.  And the Food Channel uses fennel all the time but yours is the first fennel that I have found to taste like fennel.  I will take all you have.”

“I have this crate of fennel here.”

“I’ll take it.”

“I have another crate in the trailer.”

“I’ll take that, too.  I’m going to freeze it.  How do you think I should freeze it?  Blanch it first?”

“Google ‘how to freeze fennel’.  Blanching would work but I think I would sauté it in butter instead.  Only cook it a little, not too soft.  How did you prepare your fennel?”

“I baked it in a big dish with heritage potatoes, your carrots (your carrots are SO delicious) and asparagus.  It was absolutely wonderful!  The fennel gave everything a nice subtle taste of anise.  You have to like anise or licorice in order to enjoy fennel.”

“I have 33 bulbs, with fronds attached.”

“I will take them all!”

The crew whooped when I told them that we sold ALL our fennel for the first time in fifteen years.  Let’s plant more fennel!

Please come to Market tomorrow regardless of rain or sunshine.  We work all week providing veggies and flowers for your body and soul.

Remember to sign up for our texting program.  We will see you Saturday morning!


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