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June 13, 2014
Our lettuce is gorgeous!  And crisp!  And pretty!  With reds and greens and oak leaves and butter leaves and crispy leaves and sharp pointy leaves.  Alissa and I have been making taco salads for lunch.  We make the salad on our plates; no premixing.  That way left-over beans, peppers, onions, etc., are all fine for another salad the next day.Radishes come in Red, Easter Egg, and French Breakfast this week.  One chef ordered 3 bunches of each.  I’m sure he has a pretty display pictured in his head.A bit of arugula.  That will be all until fall.  Flea beetles waged a battle; they love arugula more than anything, especially in the spring.Spinach is smallish and gorgeous.  The girls did an awesome job picking only the best leaves.

Greenhouse mini cukes!  The highlight of summer!  Eat them as a snack.

Noah went around to every one of the crew members yesterday morning, telling them with a sad face, “I don’t get snacks!”

“You don’t you get snacks?  Why not?”

“Because I didn’t eat my breakfast!”

Kale:  Beautiful bunches of softish kale leaves.  We bagged the bunches this week as their delicacy seems to hasten wilting.

Asparagus:  We roast whole spears in coconut oil at 425 degrees until the tippies are crispy and the stalk golden and creamy on the inside.  What a delicacy!

Rhubarb:  The rains have really helped production.  I pull; one of the girls follows and whacks off the root and leaf.  Yum!  I can imagine a rhubarb crisp and rhubarb punch.  Will need to freeze rhubarb to enjoy these specialties in the winter.

Green onions:  Alissa decided to pull/dig the biggest.  After an hour, she decided they were still kind of small.  More next week.

I have a nice story in mind but no time to write it.  Need to run!

Market Notes:
June 14: Happy Day Fun Band is playing at Market this weekend.

June 21:  Chef Drew Laberis will serve springtime goodness.
Dayne Versteeg will play the piano and sing.

June 28:  Vince Clapper will be juggling.


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Falls Park Farmers Market, Sioux Falls:
May 3 to October 25
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What we are bringing to Falls Park Farmers Mkt:

– Micro Herbs & Greens
– Leaf Lettuce, mixed
– Spinach
– Spinach Wrappers
– Radishes
– Rhubarb
– Kale
– Asparagus

–  Hybrid Tomatoes
– Heirloom Tomatoes
– Sweet Peppers
– Hot peppers
–  Herbs


Flowers coming to Mkt:

– Bouquets of lilies, peonies, Baptisia, Daisies, Salvia, Bleeding Heart, colorful foliage.
– Bunches of lilies.

Herbs coming to Mkt:

– Chives
– Sorrel
– Cilantro
– Marjoram
– Dill Weed

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– Micro Herbs & Greens
– Spinach
– Leaf lettuce, mixed
– Radishes
– Asparagus
– Rhubarb

New location: 18th & Minnesota

– Micro Herbs & Greens
– Spinach
– Spinach Wrappers
– Asparagus
– Rhubarb


– Spinach
– Lettuce
– Kohlrabi
– Easter Egg Radishes

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