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May 9, 2014Time to plant!  And plant.  And PLANT!!!Our plants are beautiful.  Just the right size.  A little on the smallish side which makes them perfect for planting.  They need a hole only big enough to cover the organic fiber pot.  You don’t need to dig and dig in order to bury a foot of stem.

Less stem means less plant for the wind to blow to the north today, to the south tomorrow, to the west on Sunday, and to the east on Monday.  (Yes, we have had plants totally broken off near the ground when the wind did just that.)

But cover the organic pot rim …. Is a must!  Either tear off an inch or two or pile the dirt high enough to cover the rim.  If the fiber is exposed, the wind (that nemesis of gardening) will wick all the moisture away from the delicate roots.  Your lovely plant roots could become encased in a hard dry shell.

DO NOT remove the bottom 3/4ths of the pot.  Precious root tips are beginning to poke through.  These white (white is the sign of living roots) root tips are searching for minerals to nourish the plant.  They are the future success of your plant, your tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.

Why do we use organic fiber pots (other than less plastic for the landfill.)? To protect precious root tips.  Plantable fiber pots prevents root disturbance.  Some plants totally rebel when their roots are disturbed.  Any root disturbance stalls the quick growth of a young plant.  At all costs, you want to protect your roots!

Our hybrid tomatoes and many of our herbs have been hardened off (spending time outdoors in the wind).  The heirloom tomatoes are still being coddled in the greenhouse.  Saturday’s forecast predicts 15 mph winds for Sioux Falls.  We can display our plants.  If the wind should decide to play rough, the heirloom tomatoes will be returned to the protection of the trailer with only their descriptive signs left on the tables.  We will fetch your selections.  (We have had too many plants damaged in our past 14 years at Market by leaving them exposed too long to the wind.  What happens?  The wind wicks moisture out of the leaves faster than the roots can pull up water to replace their loss.  Desiccation.)

The only ready-to-eat food crop that we have ready to eat, is Micro Herbs and Greens.  Tiny plants grown in organic soils, exposed to sunshine, cut, rinsed, and bagged.  Delicious on sandwiches, sprinkled on top of salads, or as Alissa and I eat it, albacore tuna, Micros, and Vegenaise on our plate, each bite tossed with our fork.  Maybe a hard boiled egg.  Maybe a little sweet pickle.  Mmmmm mmmm … good.

Next week?  Asparagus.  Spinach.  Micros.  Maybe kale and lettuce.  Plants.

Shall I title this newsletter ‘Wind’?   I intended to write about our bees …..

See you tomorrow!!!!
PS. Please continue to pray for rain.

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