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This week’s produce is bright, beautiful and delicious!
May 23, 2014

Please. Please. Please! Visit Falls Park Farmers Market and pick up some of the most wonderful Seedtime radishes. The combination of early spring-hoop house-water makes it possible to grow the most wonderful radishes. Big. Fat. Juicy. Authentic radish flavor with little or no heat. Crunchy. Delicious.

Best Lunch Ever!
Chewy bread.
Thick butter.
Radish slices piles high.
Real Salt.

Radish Sauté
Start frying some chopped bacon.
Add several sliced radishes.
A clove or two of garlic.
Sliced green onions (scallions).
A few Snow peas would be good.
Asparagus? Oh, yes.
Mushrooms? (Yum! I love mushrooms. Alissa calls them elephant boogers; I eat all her mushrooms.)
Sauté to your taste buds.
Season with a good quality salt.

Maria selected all the biggest, beautiful-est spinach leaves and banded them into a bunch. We carefully dipped them into tubs of cold water, let them drip, and then tucked them into bags.

These humungous leaves can be used as no-carb wraps. Stuff with rice and beans, chicken or tuna salad and Micro Herbs and Greens, egg salad, potato salad, a hotdog and sauerkraut. Use your imagination. How about scrambled eggs with sautéed asparagus, onions, and mushrooms?

Spinach Wrappers are the result of early spring-hoop house-water. Outdoor weather would never succeed in growing Spinach Wrappers. And with the high winds we have already experienced this spring, I think such an attempt would result in Spinach Tatters. (Ok, my tongue is in my cheek; I’m trying not to bite it.)

Our mixed leaf lettuce is also soft and delicate. A little wind on the lettuce would stimulate a little more crunch. Twenty to thirty miles per hour wind can tear and tatter a lettuce crop in minutes.

Our indoor kale is also soft and beautiful. Outdoor kale can tolerate much more wind activity, resulting in tougher, stronger, more leathery leaves. Kale is a powerhouse nutrient factory. All Seedtime’s greens are nutritious but kale has become the most glorified storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

Here at Seedtime, we are constantly stimulating our microbes which in turn munch on the minerals stored in our soils. The microbes’ digestion releases the energy in these soil minerals which the plants can then suck up and store in their tissues. And who is eating plants?

Micro Herbs and Greens have more herbs than ever. Basil. Cilantro. Dill. Arugula. Mustard. Cress. Fennel. Scallion.

New for 2014: Pea Shoots. Fast growing, delicate pea shoots. Pea shoots taste just like fresh green peas right off the vine. Chop in half or thirds. Garnish salads and just-from-the-oven pizza. Great on sandwiches.

Rhubarb? A small amount.

Asparagus? The killing frost last week wiped out about 5 days’ of asparagus harvest. Warm temperatures of 70 and 80 degrees stimulated the roots to send up new shoots. Limited harvest.

Also very limited. Lilacs are blooming. In the past we have had lilacs bloom before Mothers’ Day. Tulips. Crab apple blossoms. Iris. Stock. (Isn’t ‘stock’ a wonderful name for a beautiful and fragrant flower? Kind of like the name ‘eggplant’ for a beautiful fruit that the French call ‘abergine’. The beautiful name alone makes plain old ‘eggplant’ taste much better!)

We are also loaded with tomato, sweet and hot pepper, and herb plants. Plant your garden and pots with the healthiest plants in town. Seedtime.

See you in the morning?

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