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May 2, 2014Have you scheduled the Falls Park Farmers Market into your Saturday morning routine?The Falls Park Farmers Market is on our schedule.  And it is on our schedule for the next 26 weeks!!!!  This is our 15th year of scheduling Market into our Saturday morning routine.

Noah is already telling me how we need to take ‘their’ trailer for the flowers and the ‘tomato’ trailer for the vegetables.  We haven’t talked much about Market because then every moment would be filled with questions about going to Market.

Noah loves Market!!!

Ok … maybe not just the market but he loves hanging out with Grandpa.  Together they run errands in the big city and Grandpa always takes Noah to a coffee shop for a ‘moonie’.  A ‘moonie’ is a smoothie in Noah speak.  Although, he has grown so much over winter that moonies might vanish before smoothies just like moons vanish before suns.

Friday is Noah and Grandma’s day to farm together.  All week long Noah prefers Grandpa over Grandma but Fridays are for just Grandma and Noah as Mommy goes to the office to work.  Last Friday was a beautiful day and somehow as the day progressed Noah lost his clothes.  First went his jeans and underwear when he accidentally sprinkled them along with some rocks.  His shirt had to come off after he tried drinking from the end of the hose.

But the weather was beautiful and his little Gator really needed a bath.  Grandma was painting bee hives and stopped to snap a few pictures.  With cameras on cell phones, within minutes Mommy, Daddy, and Grandpa saw Noah washing his Gator, too.

“Looks like he’s getting a fresh dose of Vitamin D!” texted Grandpa.

“Looks like he’s sunning his prostate!” texted Daddy.

Mommy just giggled and giggled.  “Why is he naked?” she texted Grandma.

“Because he’s a little boy,” texted Grandma.        

Noah and Grandma have a list of jobs to be done tomorrow.

“Cut micro,” says the list.  Grandma will cut, rinse, and bag Micro Herbs and Greens while Noah rides around the farm on his Gator.  Everyone at Market will be hungry for Micro Herbs and Greens.

“Load the trailer,” says the list.  Grandma will hook up the ‘tomato’ trailer and pull it away from the bee hives.  She and Noah parked it there to give the bees a little windbreak from the terribly strong winds.  Grandma will back it up to the greenhouse and then push on trays of hybrid tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers, and several fancy types of basil.  Some of the plants will stay home in the warm cozy greenhouse to grow bigger for next week.  Plants such as the heirloom tomatoes.  Herbs such sage and oregano.  The weather has been cold and dreary.  Plants grow fast when warm and sunny.

Not all the plants will go to Market.  Not all the plants will come out of the trailer at Market unless Market day is warm and sunny.  Plants are happy when it is warm and sunny.

“Dig tomato holes”, says the list.  Grandma will start digging holes for tomato plants.  Up one row and down another row, all in a straight line.  Between spinach and lettuce will go the tomato holes.

“Draw a tomato map,” says the list.  Grandma needs to draw a map to show how to arrange all the tomato plants into the hoop house.  Pretty red tomatoes.  Pretty black and orange and yellow tomatoes.  All these tomatoes must fit into the tomato house.

“Interview,” says the list.  A young man is coming for an interview.  He wants to work on the farm.  Grandma needs young people to work on the farm.  Noah likes to show off when young people come to talk with Grandma.  He kicks his legs.  He drives the Gator over Grandma’s toes.  Noah is almost 3 years old and is learning how to show off.  Grandma laughs.

“Lunch,” is not on the list.  But Noah will be hungry.  Noah needs lunch.

“Take a nap,” is not on the list.  But Grandma needs an eight-minute nap.  “Can Noah be quiet for eight minutes?”

See you tomorrow!!!!                                            
Keeping Grandpa dry.

Please continue to pray for rain.

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Falls Park Farmers Market, Sioux Falls:
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Market opens May 3, 2014.

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Market opens May 3, 2014.

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