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February 27, 2014Here we are … the end of February.  Time to rev up the greenhouse furnaces!  With propane so expensive, we will not be jumping our planting dates ahead like we did last year but will wait a few days, patiently; hoping warmer weather is just around the corner.Our seeds are ordered and arranged in boxes according to planting dates.  Totes of potting soil are thawing in the reefer.  Rolls of drip irrigation tape are waiting for that magical day when Henry and I will head out to the field and begin laying drip tape and plastic mulch.For now …we wait … spending these not-so-busy days with our grandchildren.

Alissa is longing for warm weather and Noah talks about ‘farming with Grandma’.  Last week they came out to the farm…Alissa prepared crates for planting lily bulbs and Noah drove his electrical tractor around the farm.  It was like we all let out a sigh of “I’ve been cooped up SO long!!!  Just let me be OUTSIDE!”

We are planning our 2014 CSA season.  Our brochure and sign-up sheet can be found here;  www.seedtimeandharvest.net/site/csa  Print the Subscription form and return via the postal service or with email.  We accept checks and credit cards.

Looking at last year’s CSA newsletters, these year-end wrap-up paragraphs caught my attention:
Our goal for monetary value on CSAs is to give you 25% more than you paid.  We have three CSA sizes, Family, Couple, and Single and the value received ranged from 35% to 45% extra.  That’s 35 to 45 percent more than you paid. 

Our harvest year started slowly and our shares were sparing as spring was cold and dreary.  Remember the ice & snow storm on the 1st of May? 

These last few CSA boxes have been 130% more than market value!  A Family share is priced at $34 per week; this week’s box has a $77 value. 

Spring starts out by providing us with lots of greens and radishes.  Summer progresses through tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and peppers.  Fall showcases a plethora of storage type foods, winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, along with new crops of lettuces and other greens.  Eat seasonally with us!

We grow organically along with biodynamic preparations.  We follow cosmic rhythms to provide our veggies and flowers with every energetic advantage.  We work with experienced soil consultants to fine tune and balance the biology of our soils, paying attention to the health of our microbes.  No expense is spared as we re-mediate this small parcel of land.  We want our crops to be THE BEST possible.  The most nutritious.  The tastiest. Our flowers the most beautiful.  As our land thrives, so our customers will thrive.

Join us.  We would love to be YOUR farmer!

Henry & Harriet Kattenberg
Seedtime & Harvest, Hull, Iowa
Cell:  605-366-1056
All about us!  www.seedtimeandharvest.net

Alissa & Nathan Van Zweden
Alissa’s Flowers
E-mail:  nateandalissa@hotmail.com

Falls Park Farmers Market:
May 4 to October 26
Saturdays 8 am-1 pm
Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD

What we are bringing to Falls Park Farmers Mkt:

Market opens May 3, 2014.



Flowers coming to Mkt:

Market opens May 3, 2014.

Herbs coming to Mkt:

Market opens May 3, 2014.

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Watch for our first delivery.


We have confidence the Co-op will be back, better than ever.



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