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November 18, 2013Tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon,
We will be delivering fresh lettuces and baby kales to Look’s Market and the Co-op.OREmail your order and pick it up Tuesday afternoon at:Park Ridge Galleria
North end of parking lot
Tuesday, November 19
Time:  4:00 to 6:00 pm
Cash and checks accepted.

I will reply to your email order to confirm receiving it.

Leaf lettuce ‘heads’: $4 each
-Red (pictured above)

Spinach:  .33# bag @ $4
Spinach has eluded us all summer!  We had a nice crop early in the season in the hoop house but germination in the fields was very poor to non-existent.  After the heirloom tomatoes were pulled out of the hoop house, we planted spinach again.  Surely it will germinate this time!  A few seeds did sprout and now sport lovely leaves but … the germination rate is still unacceptable.  It is time to run a germination test on the remaining seeds and probably time to purchase fresh spinach seed.  So if you have been waiting for Seedtime’s spinach all summer … here is your chance!

Winter Squash:  $5 each
-Queensland Blue

Potatoes:  $20 pounds $20
-Kerr’s Pink

See descriptions below.

WANTED:   YOUR LEAVES.  Henry and I filled the trailer with leaves from the leaf dump at the fair grounds last week.  What a wonderful resource!   Drop us an email …

Stay warm, safe, and healthy this winter.  That first Saturday in May is just not that far away!

Harriet @ Seedtime
-Sweet Meat:  Selected for high sugar content and refined flavor by Katy Stokes, from the standard sweet meat squash. Orange flesh, exceptionally sweet. Every year Katy saves seed from only her best tasting squashes. Seed for planting the next year is faithfully saved by the surest test of flavor, eating the fruits of her harvest.  A lovely squash.  Keeps deep into winter.  10 to 15 pounds.
Squash_-_waltham-Butternut:  Elegant 9″ tan fruits weighing 2–4 lb. Orange dry flesh has a sweet nutty flavor. Excellent keeper.
I never cared about Buttercup.  Couldn’t understand why folks would want to eat Buttercup.  Blah!  It was simply blah.  Until I ate a Buttercup in November and December.  YUM!!!!  Morgan’s mother always kept her Buttercup until winter.  “It doesn’t taste really good until it has cured for at least several weeks,” she told me.  We will bring Butternut because folks are asking for Butternut.  But if you want a sublime eating experience, save some of your Butternuts for winter.

Squash_-_sunshineSunshine: Combining the spectacular scarlet color of a Red Kuri with a sublime eating quality previously lacking in red squash, Sunshine’s bright orange flesh is dry yet tender, sweet yet meaty, with real substance; the color stays bright in cooking. Along with Sibley, Sunshine ranked the best tasting of the 30 squashes in last winter’s taste-off.  Johnston, seed breeder, says they derived Sunshine from a cross between two different orange varieties developed at Johnny’s. Counting the 3 years needed to stockpile a sufficient seed supply, it required almost 20 years’ labor.  Avg. weight 4-5 lb.  Not recommended for storage after New Year.
Everyone falls in love with Sunshine!  Delicious!!!

Squash_-_queensland_blue-Queensland Blue:  An ‘Australian Blue’ squash directly imported into the United States in 1932 from Arthur Yates and Company of Sydney. Dark blue-green ribbed rind with flesh that is meaty, sugary, brilliant orange, and abundant. Long shelf life. …. Some of these squashes are so beautiful, they could be used in fall arrangements, on your dining table, your front step, or eating establishment. And then eaten!!!  10 to 20 pounds.

BINTJE:  Developed in 1905 by Dutch schoolmaster, K.L. de Vries and named after a star pupil. Medium sized smooth pale yellow skinned tubers with pale yellow smooth flesh, excellent storage qualities, and a flavor that is outstanding anyway you prepare them.  Popular for making French fries, this is the top potato variety grown in the world.  No wonder Bintje is world-famous!  It has the cleanest, pure poe-TAY-toe flavor I have ever tasted.  Just pure, clean potato.  Very nice.  Interesting shapes, various sizes.

-Kerr’s Pink: A round potato with light pink skin and delicate little red eyes.  The flesh is snow white; texture if very fine-grained.  Superb flavor.  Makes good mashed potatoes…The Irish call the flesh of Kerr’s Pink “floury”.  Part of the appeal is the Irish method of cooking.  In Ireland, potatoes are never peeled.  They are washed and put in a pot of cold water, which is then brought to a boil.  Then about two-thirds of the water is tipped off and the potatoes are allowed to steam….After gently cooking a Kerr’s Pink potato, slice it lengthwise and put in a pat of butter.  “It’s almost as if it’s already been mashed.”  …Originally known as ;Henry’s Seedling’ of Scotland in 1907.  Mr. Kerr introduced them commercially under their present name in 1917.  Customers ask for the potato that ‘explodes’!

Henry & Harriet Kattenberg
Seedtime & Harvest, Hull, Iowa
Cell:  605-366-1056
All about us!  www.seedtimeandharvest.net

Alissa & Nathan Van Zweden
Alissa’s Flowers
E-mail:  nateandalissa@hotmail.com

Falls Park Farmers Market:
May 4 to October 26
Saturdays 8 am-1 pm
Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD

What we are bringing to Falls Park Farmers Mkt:

Market opens May 3, 2014.



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Market opens May 3, 2014.

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Market opens May 3, 2014.

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Mixed Baby leaf lettuce
Head lettuce


Mixed Baby Leaf lettuce
Head Lettuce
Baby Red Russian
Kale Bunches:
Dinosaur aka Lacinato
Rainbow Lacinato
Red Russian
Winter squash



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