Subscription Delivery Locations

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looks photo
Market is Open Nancy

Co-op Natural Foods (Opens at 8 am)
Look’s Market (Opens at 9 am)
At the farm. (Self-serve)

Falls Park Farmers Market (8 am to 1 pm)

Co-op Natural Foods
Do all your organic shopping at the Co-op.

Look’s Market
Ask Look’s professional chefs for help in pairing fresh fish, gourmet meats, artisan cheeses, and fine wines with your lovely vegetables.

At the Farm
Your Subscription will be assembled and held in the veggie cooler. Self-serve.

Falls Park Farmers Market:
Picking up your Subscription at the Market allows you to visit with your Favorite Farmer while you select your flowers and fresh herbs, add to your selection of veggies, and complete your shopping.

Join us! We would love to be YOUR farmer!