Local Farm Family

Me & kids on farm
boys washing potatoes
Alissa Chard 3

Your Local Farm Family

We have been bringing the best tasting, cleanest, freshest vegetables and most beautiful cut flowers to the Falls Park Farmers Market since 2000. Our children helped establish the farm twenty years ago and now our grandchildren are helping on the farm.

Our Soil

Microbes munch on minerals found in the soil. These predigested minerals are perfect plant food. Balanced, mineralized soils result in balanced growth, strong plants, and high disease resistance, for plants and the humans who eat them. We mineralize our gardens and work to establish the millions of microbes needed to break down these minerals, making them easily absorbable for our plants. Additional organic nutrients are pushed through water lines to stimulate and feed the soil’s microscopic critters. Crops are misted with organic, highly mineralized, foliar sprays to fine-tune each vegetable.

Our Vegetables

As the level of minerals in a vegetable increases, so the nutrition and color increases. As the nutrition increases, the flavor skyrockets. A mineral-rich, nutrient-dense carrot, tomato, or leaf of lettuce, will taste better, sweeter, richer. When a conventionally grown vegetable tastes like nothing but fiber, your tongue is probably correct.


The demand for living nutrition, locally grown, beautiful, gourmet vegetables continues to climb. Parents want fresh, clean, safe food for their families, food that will nourish their children’s bodies while promoting their health. This food must also taste GOOD! Deliciousness goes hand in hand with mineralization. You will find both flavor and nutrition with Seedtime & Harvest’s organically-grown farm-fresh vegetables.

Farm to Fork is Far Fresher